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Ramón Calvo
Robotics Engineer

About me

I am currently pursuing my MSc in Robotics, Systems and Control at ETH Zürich in Switzerland, where I have had the privilege of having been awarded the ESOP Fellowship. At the moment, I am working on my master thesis at the Robotics Systems Lab, researching about safe end-to-end semantic navigation policies on wheeled-legged robots using Deep Reinforcement Learning.

I completed my BSc in Robotics Engineering at the University of Alicante, Spain. I worked on my bachelor thesis at the HUman RObotics research group, sponsored by the performance-based Collaboration Grant issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

I have previously worked at Sony as a Research Engineer Intern, performing object detection with event cameras using Vision Transformers.


2/2024 Started a Software Engineer Internship at NVIDIA Zurich, working on camera calibration with the Autonomous Vehicles team.
4/2023 Started working on my Master Thesis at RSL on end-to-end safe navigation policies for wheeled-legged robots.
10/2022 Won 1st prize at the Ideathon For a Novel Sustainable Packaging Material organized by Nestlé and the Sudent Biolab at ETH Zürich.
9/2022 Started a Research Engineer Internship at SONY. I will work on on-the-edge object detection algorithms for Event Cameras.
7/2022 Extended my Semester Thesis into a Research Assistanship at the Computational Robotics Lab. Exploring the inclusion of learned motor dynamics into an QP-based Whole Body Controller.
9/2021 Started M.Sc. in Robotics, Systems and Control in ETH Zürich. I am grateful to have received the ESOP Fellowship, which has made this possible.
6/2021 Graduated from University of Alicante with a Degree in Robotics Engineering with an Excellence Distinction.